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Myrra Hixson

Myrra accepted to come over to Staunton VA, she is a beautiful young model, she is married and travels with her husband.
We did this Boudoir session at Juan’s Studio in Staunton VA.

She has an impressive portfolio and travels everywhere, I had the luck to have her in front of my camera and to be the first time shooting with her, there was a lot to capture.
I have been working on this mirror images lately and got to produce really nice captures, mostly because the model is not posing for the camera but watching herself, this produces an immediate feedback for her to correct any posing and give her best.
The purpose of the mirror is to provide a full view of the model and to generate that nice distraction in the background which commonly would be filled by a blurred image of an empty background.

Myrra is very active in the community supporting different causes like Families with childhood cancer .

Her photography work is great and she is in great shape and mentally engaged when comes the time to produce images.
This is my 4th year doing boudoir photography and I am about to switch to street photography starting fall 2019.
More traveling and open concepts with street photography and candid captures.

One of the best things about mirror photography is that it offers unlimited possibilities.
If you want to stay in, experiment with different outfits, and take great photos with a limited amount of light, you can easily do so. You just need to work with artificial light and your camera settings that are usually not needed during the warmer months.
Artificial light can enhance your subject’s features. As you take photos, make sure you manually change your photos’color temperature and ISO. Color temperature will let you fix unflattering tones and ISO will help you take sharp photos in locations with limited light, do not exceed the ISO capabilities of your camera, some cameras have sensors capable of delivering stunning pictures with large ISO, others don’t.

Abstract portraits are unconventional and striking. They can be used to create photos that resemble paintings or simply highlight one part of your model’s face, like the eye in the photo above.
You can use a handheld mirror or a prism to experiment with this effect. A prism might make reflections appear more distorted. You’ll also have to focus very carefully to get sharp results.
A handheld mirror will reflect more of your subject’s face and make it easier for you to focus on them.
Since both of these mirrors are affordable and accessible, I recommend experimenting with both.

Mirror photography will help you appreciate unusual perspectives, try out new photography styles, and add more depth to your photos.
Even the simplest mirror can help you take your portraits to the next level.

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