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Kerra Benett

Let’s start with a description of Kerra as I see her:
Sweet, Mature, Compassionate warrior with a cause.
She is an army veteran who works for Veterans Empowered To Protect African Wildlife, she travels continuously to the reserves to protect Rhinos and Elephants from poachers and they do this by using their army expertise to track and defend from these criminals.

This was my second photo shoot with Kerra, first one was a couple of years ago in Nashville TN at a workshop prepared by my dear friend Johnnie Wellborne.
This time again at an event prepared by my friend Johnnie, my plans were to shoot with her at the cabin which we did and we used some of the surrounding areas too.
Weather was around 80-85 degrees at the Smokie’s, a great location to shoot during summers or winters, I really enjoyed the time there, the cabin was just amazing.
Kerra has a very beautiful body, she is tall and has a well proportionate body.
We tried some shorts and lingerie as our main attires, there were different photographers doing different kind of work and we didn’t want to have similar settings, specially with the same model.

For these shots I mostly used a Canon 70-200mm with a neutral density filter, that allowed me to get maximum apperture which for this lense is f/2.8 .
That was enough to get a beautiful depth of field on all shots presented, even the ones without natural light where we used strobes and the same filter.

We shoot outdoors, Bourdoirs and Early morning breakfast, as natural as possible which is what I like the best.
Definitely gained some great frieds among these models and I plan to work with them again.

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