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Emily Wands

My first time working with Emily, we manage to do a good job with the captures and she helped a lot with the posing.
Posing has some tricks specially when comes to the hips and the waist:
When the model is on her belly pushing the hips up makes a better picture as well as the option of rotating the hips to the side.
If the model is standing, pushing the tush towards the camera and out from the waist down, makes it much fuller and helps minimize imperfections, I am not a friend of flat front shots, I always prefer an angle but if you must remember to ask her to push her hips back, also pushing hips away make the thighs look much skinnier, Hips away from the camera help accentuate her hourglass figure and minimize the size of her thighs.
She did an awesome job, I will definitely have her in my list of preferred models to work with in or near the Nashville area.

Those amazing blue eyes, slim figure and great long blonde hair are something you would definitely like on your shots.
She is quiet, NOT SHY, she is ready to work with the photographer and the photographer must know what he wants to achieve when working with this model.

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