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Colbie Elisabeth Carden

Colbie is a 20 years old model, she was invited by Johnnie and we all had the opportunity to work with her at least two times.
she has an impressive figure, excellent bubbly personality, gorgeous blue eyes and a very fit body for modeling.
She works in Clarksville, TN and is pursuing a career in modeling, her dream is to get to be printed in playboy, all the pics show off her amazing body, which she keeps slim, toned and strong.
How to become a playboy model?

Online Photo Submission
If you can’t attend a casting or are more comfortable submitting your photos online, then head over to the Playboy website and fill out their online application. You’ll need:

A variety of photos, including one head-and-shoulders shot plus four to six nude full-figure body shots (front and back views). You don’t need to go out and get professional photos taken, but Playboy does expect them to be in focus and of relatively good quality
Your physical measurements and details, including your height, weight, bust, waist, hips, hair color, and ethnic background
A copy of your photo ID
If you’re accepted for consideration, you can expect to hear back within four to six weeks.

Signing a Contract If You’re Chosen
All Playboy models, whether they’re Playmates or otherwise, must sign contracts. The Playmate contracts are the most binding because of the high earnings and the required obligations, while models other than Playmates have more basic work-for-hire contracts.

What a Playmate Is
A Playmate is a Playboy centerfold model. The magazine features a different Playmate each month, and at the end of the year, one of the twelve Playmates of the Month is named Playmate of the Year.

How Much Playmates Earn
Playmates of the Month earn $25,000 for appearing in the magazine. Playmates of the Year are paid an additional $100,000 plus additional gifts (such as a car or a motorcycle). Most Playmates also have the opportunity to earn extra money through personal appearances and other modeling assignments as arranged by Playboy.

If You’re Not Chosen
Playboy castings are incredibly competitive, so try not to be too hard on yourself if you’re not selected to be a Playmate. You can always try again, or else explore the many other modeling divisions within the Playboy universe, such Playboy Special Editions, Playboy Miss Social (non-nude), Cyber Girls, Playboy Golf, etc. Applicants are automatically reviewed for their potential to qualify for other Playboy-branded modeling and promotional opportunities, so there’s still a chance you could be a Playboy model.
I started working on a website for Colbie, hope she finds the time to move it forward, it will help her to keep her shoots together in an environment under her control.

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