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Britney Brooks

Britney has a very powerful posing, she is very experienced and she knows her body really well.
Very creative, if you allow her to sit on the driver seat she will provide such fantastic and creative ideas for the shoot that you will be really and positively impressed.
For this photo shoot she drove from Georgia.
Very professional and always ready for action, I had a lot of fun taking her pictures early morning with no makeup and listening to her shooting ideas.
The entire photo session was related to Boudoir, these are some of the most relevant images from my work with Britney.

The orange night attire looks really good on her and matches her hair perfectly.
What makes a picture powerful? It’s a loaded question, to be sure, because there is not an answer to this question that will appeal to everyone. There is not an answer to this question that science and data can determine for us.

In the end, what makes a picture powerful lies completely in the eyes of the beholder. It is subjective, not objective. It is personal, based almost entirely on the experience of the viewer.

A powerful picture cannot be broken down to its individual elements alone. It’s based on your interpretation of what you see. Not the data. A powerful picture can be moving, it can evoke emotion and it break every rule of photography. A picture that follows every rule does not guarantee an emotional response.

As a photographer, you can do some things that will affect your viewers’ reactions to your pictures. Most importantly, tell a story with your picture. Don’t just take a picture and move on.

Study your subject. Look at it from different angles. What is it about your subject that drew you to it in the first place? Are you sharing that in your picture? Are you using light or is light using you? Have you considered your composition? Can you get higher or lower to show us a different vantage point? Is your background helping or hurting the story you are trying to tell?

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