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Adlee Ray

What can I say about one of the most prolific models in the market?
I worked with Adlee one year ago and since then I failed to show to one photo shoot with this amazing model, she gave me the opportunity to work with her again and here is what we got.
This is a window show with natural light, straight out of camera and I know many models don’t like to show unedited pictures but what you see is what you get with Adlee, she is flawless with a fantastic skin tone and a perfectly fit body, she will strike poses that you have not even imagined.

Boudoir doesn’t always require a large studio, several lights, or different modifiers. Sometimes you can keep it simple and get things done with a reflector, a window in a home or hotel room, and some easy posing tips!
Metering and exposure for this kind of situation are going to be a little different than a typical shoot. Because we’re really back lighting the subject, we need to adjust exposure compensation when shooting in Tv, Av, or P (shutter priority, aperture priority, or program modes) to overexpose. I shoot manual so I adjust my metering always with the shutter speed for my background and my aperture for my subject. What happens is the camera sees all the light from the background and tries to compensate by stopping down the exposure in order to make sure detail are retained. But because we want the light coming through our thin sheet and blow out the background to white and wrap around our subject’s body, we need to make sure that it is overexposing.

Now on to posing; instead of posing our model awkwardly straight-on, we want to start building curvature into her body, but naturally that works with it rather than posing her in a contorted way. First, having her kick her right leg out in front of her left leg and bending it creates a narrowing point at the bottom of the image and makes the bottom half of her body look not as wide.
Next we want to have her move her chest forward towards the camera. A good optics rule to remember is that whatever is closest to the lens, will appear larger than what is farther away from the lens. This will make her chest appear fuller and in addition gives us the advantage of elongating her neck and lifting her chin up.
Finally we’re going to have subject slightly arch their lower back in order to create a flowing curve throughout the entire body. Next we’ll move our subject’s right hand slightly up on her thigh so that we create some negative space to highlight that curve we had her create with her lower back. Finally we’ll take her left hand and have it add some mood by

positioning it next to her face or playing with her hair.
Finally we want to add some fill light on our subject, and what better way to do that than to harness the light that is back lighting her! Using a 32″ Silver/Natural White Reflector, we’re able to add light back on her without it being too bright, contrast.


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