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Sierra Skye Worley

I still remember shooting with this senior 3 years ago, she was just a little 17 years old kid, now mother of one beautiful daughter and with 20 years she has turned into a beautiful young woman.
We planned this for quite a while, a lot of indecision a lot of problems with timing but we finally could put a date and it happened.
I didn’t have a redhead in my portfolio and it was a great opportunity to shoot and a great opportunity to fill that slot.
Shoot happened after my day work at 6PM in Staunton at my friends Juan Gonzalez studio, he is the heck of a good guy and I am very appreciative for him allowing me to create photography in his place.
Going back to my subject, Miss “Worley”:

Modeling is tough, you will feel that you don’t know what to do in front of the camera but as long as you are good at listening and following commands, your photographer is your guide, he has in his mind what pose he wants or knows what will make you look great, at the end everything remains in the camera and if you shoot with a good photographer he will be respectful of what you like and don’t like out in the public.

After a few minutes “Defrosting” she started to feel more comfortable with posing and moving around to the point that the smile was natural, she was not worried at all and waiting for the next capture.

A lot of the good results on a photo-shoots are pre-shoot, preparation, I had the support of Belva who has been my preferred MUA forever and we will keep it this way.
She did a soft look on the eyes with good mascara which allowed her eyes to pop, those beautiful blue eyes came to live immediately under soft ring light, I didn’t even use strobes.

I am a fan of strobes, I control my light really well but soft light was the right thing to have all the mirror details for this shot.

Artistically I think we did a good job, personally I think this helped Sierra embolden herself and be more comfortable in her own skin, besides that you are showing your body to people and you want to make sure that is classy or at least done with a lot of good taste.

As a photographer, I feel happy that she trusted me with this work and at the same time I feel very proud of her for posing for the shots, she said at the very beginning, I don’t know yet how I am going to feel about this, later on when she saw the pictures she said that she was really happy about the outcome and that she liked all the pictures we took, to me as a photographer that is a real honor.

“I like photographing women who never get their photos taken and helping them learn to love what they see in the mirror.

When people ask me which celebrity I would love to take photos of, my answer is always the same – NONE.

My mission is to shoot women’s insecurities away, one boudoir shot at a time.
“I help them replace the negative, demeaning and degrading insults and self-doubting words they say to themselves with positive, uplifting thoughts of confidence and self-acceptance, I tell them they are gorgeous constantly during the session and try to inspire them to start replacing their inner dialogue.

I try to consciously stop myself mid-thought and replace that insult with a positive compliment instead. I force myself to be kind to myself. The only real way to overcome self-hatred is to stop doing it.

I Price my boudoir packages begin at $250 and include hair, makeup, shoes, jewelry and sexy, figure-flattering lingerie for sizes small up to XL.

I have clients between the ages of 18 to 50, I believe that feeling beautiful on the inside is more important than looking beautiful on the outside.

To actually feel beautiful, is where I focus my service “Any photographer can make you look better with hair and makeup and a sexy piece of lingerie, but for me, my goal is not only to make you look beautiful, but to actually feel beautiful inside your soul, your heart, your mind and the entire essence of your being.

I enjoys empowering women to live confidently.

Confidence is one of the most important aspects of our lives,It affects our self steam, our general happiness, how successful our relationships are, and our overall health physically and mentally.

Usually a boudoir session is between three to four hours, starts with the make up artist, dressing up and going for an specific pre-set stage.

I want women to be kinder to themselves, less critical and show our younger girls it’s OK to love the skin they’re in.

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