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Alicia Fields

It has been quite a bit since my last photo shoot, winter has been a little bit unpredictable to do anything outdoors however managed to get on board with a traveling model event prepared by my friend Jim Michaels at 3MI Studio near Bunker Hill WV.
I have worked before at 3MI and Josh, the owner, is a great person and great to work with.

Jim is a established photographer who loves to make events and shoot with very interesting people, I enjoy working on his workbenches and events.

Trip to 3MI was nice, had my appointment for noon-2PM, arrived there 11:30 and had enough time to setup and get ready to shoot.
The model was Alicia Fields, traveling model from North Carolina.

Alicia Dawn Fields, 20 Years Old, NC Traveling Model.

Alicia Dawn Fields just reached 25  years this march, she is a Model from NC.
She has been modeling for the past 3 years and traveling for the past year and a half, her abilities range from posing and facial expression to artistic dancing and acting, she will display all she knows when shooting with you.

I worked a combination of 35mm Film and Digital, had two digital cameras, one a Fujifilm X-Pro I and the second my old Canon 5D Mark II.
Lenses used on this trip with the Canon a 70-200mm 2.8 Tamron which started giving connection problems with the camera after 30 minutes of my shoot, so I switched to a more archaic but very reliable lens, my 85mm Rokinon prime and also used a 50mm , for the Fujifilm I had a 35mm Touit manufactured by Zeiss and a set of Super Takumar Pentax 28mm and 50mm together with a 100mm.

The motive of this shoot was Glamour and Alicia is the kind of model that don’t use make up, believe me, she doesn’t need makeup.

Excellent figure, fantastic attitude and time flew, those two hours were gone in no time, we still managed to land son good pictures, now we have a lot of things to choose from and that is the hardest part, so continuing my exchange of ideas on:

“Selecting the best shots”

Personally I like to detach myself from the pictures and try not to touch them except for SOOC and downloading the files to the database for security, I may see a couple pictures and compliment the models right after the shoot with a couple pictures posts.

Alicia Fields @3MI

But I don’t touch seriously the pictures until 2 to 3 days have passed and there is no bias on me towards any specific shot.
Then I start the hard labor of selecting.

In art there is no one way to do things but many and also art is not a Democracy, is dictated by the eye of the photographer so to make this work more simple there are some set of rules that I like to follow.

  1. Select all pictures, despite composition based on quality, Focus, light, DOF, all pictures that are blurred, moved, out of focus should never see the outer world.
  2. Check for technique and composition, chopped arms, missing limps, awkward poses, some of those can be trimmed others will have to be discarded.
  3. If she was born with it, it remains in the picture, if it was not there, there is no reason to keep it in the picture so this is your rule for retouching.
  4. Some models may have scars they want to remove, communicate and ask her how she feels about these changes.

Alicia Fields – Retouched Shot

Some things I learned from Steve Simon:

  • There is no one way to do things or one selection process in photography.
  • Art is not a Democracy but often the strongest image rises to the top and the majority are in agreement.
  • Editing is an art not a given and a learnt skill which develops over time.
  • The biggest problem for a photographer is not how to delete the digital metadata of a picture but the emotional metadata attached to your brain with each shot, this could tamper with your ability to be objective.
  • At some point and no matter how experienced you are, you will need some external help to figure out your best pictures.

Going back to Miss Fields, if you are interesting in shooting with her here is her Website


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