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Tabatha Deuel

Cold winter morning after a beautiful week above 50F, never-less we had a photo shoot programmed with my friend Tabatha Deuel, She is a great model to work with, always communicates, is on-time to her shoots, always have a ton of ideas to wear and the most important, a great attitude for the shoot.
We started at 11AM and finished around 3PM, she was still proposing other outfits and looks when we finished the shoot, that’s what I call enthusiasm and good vibes.

Canon 5D Mark II with a 50mm Prime lense. Source of light is a softbox with Paul Buff strobe.

I had the help of a friend of mine, Doug Fritz, he owns Flat Cats Motors in Staunton, VA and has a shop very interesting with a ton of props that are just amazing for the type of pictures we were trying to get.

I like the quality, and at this point I have just started to process the pictures from the shoot.
I usually stay away from the bulk of pictures until I relax and then go back to them with a technical mind, seeking for any kind of imperfection, rules, then rating the pictures and selecting black and white candidates, etc.
The main subject is the primary compositional element around which the photograph’s narrative is arranged.
The focal point is the precise spot that draws the viewer’s attention. The objective of good composition is to make sure your subject and your focal point are one and the same. As a portrait photographer my subject are the eyes.

Using Fujifilm X-pro 1 with a Super Takumar 50mm, natural light

Moving closer to the subject simplifies your composition, isolates and emphasizes your subject, and eliminates distraction and other superfluous elements.

Something I learned early while doing compositions is that highlights and bright spots attract attention; shadows and dark areas deflect attention.

Canon 5D Mark II with Rokinon 85mm Prime, source of light is the torch.

Hope you enjoyed this photoshoot, if you have any question about photography please feel free to ask, I added an area for comments on the website

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