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Ryan Leigh

Ryan Leigh

I had the opportunity to shoot with Ryan 4 years ago during one of her traveling trips to DC. I was kindly invited by the great photographer, Adrienne Eichner and we shot in one of this farm houses near Syria, VA.

It was my first photo shoot with a popular model like Ryan but it did change the path of my view of photography towards Boudoir and modeling rather than street photography and casual portraits.

I want to make sure this blog article is about my friend Ryan and when comes to speaking about a model you always start about the professional side of her world.

Ryan is one of the most driven models I have found around, her work ethics and specially her discipline are beyond chart.
Despite ongoing medical issues with her back and recovering from a surgery, that didn’t stop her a bit, we had our first shoot right after her operation and she was still wearing patches and medication but she had the attitude to go on shooting.

Since that photo shoot we have worked several times and something is amazing with her is how organized she if for a shoot, she has this bag organized by sections with clothes and lingerie matching by color and by style, she communicates permanently before a shoot and let’s the photographer she is ready, asks for makeup if there will not be an MUA available and is sensitive to the requirements for the shoot, she is not one that just shows up and lives details to happen mysteriously, she makes sure that all the details are covered as far as the expectations from the photographers towards her.
Besides taking sexy pictures of a model you want to capture her in candid moments, in a world of statements like the one we are living today and more and more groups try to demonize the woman figure because it does not fit their agenda, I decided to show it and to make sure they are proud of showing the beauty of the female body.She said at one point “I’m pretty boring when I’m not modeling. I’m just a down to earth girl next door.”

Finally one of the most important things I have to say about Ryan is that she inspires many other models to move on with their careers and seek for Freelancer photographers during their traveling, try to help them the best you can, these are hard working girls and we are all artists, help them so we can keep this amazing art going on.

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