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Tabatha Deuel

Tabatha Deuel
Outdoor Photoshoot

I have worked with Tabatha on many different occasions, we have done outdoors and studio and surprisingly she always brings something new and fresh to every photo shoot, she studies her poses and selects the actions for the shot, we have a lot of communication and exchange ideas in a fluent manner, I am always open to hearing what she has to say at the end she is the one whose figure is going to be perpetuated in the picture.

We got some attires and I could get this combination of sports top and bottoms that matched her size and look great on her.

For this photo shoot, I used one Speedlite and neutral density filters on my 70-200mm, you can see the clarity of Canon in the shots, that’s not a secret, the interesting part was to match the background light and keep my DOF shallow enough to avoid any distraction from the main subject.

I had to wait for clouds to give me the light i needed and used ETTL on some of the shots to get the right flash sync.

Sometimes less is more they say and this time I got great results with my minimalistic set-up.

For the second shot, I positioned my model right under the sun, measured the exposure for that light and set my flash to similar parameters, then I played with my aperture until I got what I wanted, the picture is retouched to remove an

y blemish but not doctored in any way or form, I am not a digital artist, I am a photographer so I take pictures and capture what I have in front of me rather than sit and play with Photoshop for hours.

We worked at the creek for a while and then we moved to Coyner’s Spring park where they have an amazing open view of the city of Waynesboro.

I will recommend Tabatha to any of my photographer friends, her rates are very affordable and you will get amazing pictures with this young lady, follow her on her Facebook fan page: Tabatha I

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