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Ashleigh Marie

This beautiful young lady is 23 years old, her name is Ashleigh Marie, she was interested in a modeling career and I had the opportunity to work with her.

Ashleigh Marie
Sherando Lake, VA

She does an amazing job and her beauty is just natural, blonde hair, green eyes, and a bold personality.

I got introduced to her by a good friend of mine, we spoke a few times, shared some Pinterest ideas and finally, we agreed on a date to shoot and there she was there ready at 10:00 AM.

I usually pick some attires that will help the shoot and we had a local store nearby, after selecting some nice attires we were on our way to the creek, I love to shoot at SherLake lake, the outer and inner lake produce a very nice environment to shoot and enjoy nature, you can find a few water holes that are just perfect for the ocassion, it was not difficult to pick clothes for Ashleigh, her hair and face goes with literally anything.

Ashleigh Marie
Portrait, Studio Shot

Her ability to pose is natural, makes eye contact with the camera without a problem and you need to give her instructions only once, she does it automatically next time same condition.

Her skin is spotless and those green eyes pop immediately out of the shot, she uses very little makeup and to be honest I don’t see a need to use more than that.

So far we have done two photo shoots, one outdoor and one in Studio and we have plans to keep working this month at least two or three more times.

Ashleigh Marie
Glamour, Studio Shots

We have to explore more dramatic light and I am planning a swimming pool bikini and a wedding dress photo shoot with her, we’ll see how the weather develops ahead, all this week we had just rain and that messed up any attempt to shoot outdoors.

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