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Adlee Ray

The theme for this photo shoot is Boudoir and Glamour.
I’ve been watching Adllee’s work and she is amazing, I got in touch with he a week ago, she mentioned she had some availability this month and I had been looking to work with her for a while.

March 31st in Manassas was the nearest Hotel I could find.
I like to work in Studios but the problem is finding one willing to work with my schedule, Hotels are more private and you have all things required for a good Boudoir photoshoot, as a Portrait photographer I don’t need much space or accommodations to capture the beauty of a model and I prepare ahead of time with the concepts I want to capture

In this case, Adlee is tall and well fit with beautiful strawberry blond hair, I requested to braid it that way features like neckline, ears, etc could pop up on the shots and bring more of the natural beauty on these shots.

At this point in time, I am not selling my pictures, I will wait for retirement to put them out for exposition in a very artistic way, at the end photography is my retirement plan and I an planning it very well.

Adlee arrived on time as every professional girl I’ve worked with in this business, she communicated in a great manner throughout the process and after a brief explanation of what I wanted to achieve we mover to check attires, colors and some of the ideas posted on the Pinterest board.

Note to self: Check all your equipment before going for a shoot even if you know you charged your stuff… please. Got here and wanted to connect to the internet with the laptop and my MiFi wireless device had no batteries, no worries, we went back to the backup plan… the phone.

I am based in Waynesboro VA, she is in Occoquan near Woodbridge so I decided to make the trip and visit NoVA this Saturday.
Bad decision, first the roads were packed on a Saturday Easter weekend, second, the Hotel I chose was totally booked and got a crappy room, I guess you can’t ask much from a Wyndham.

I got to Manassas around 3, enough time to check in and get some batteries, our shoot was scheduled for 4PM, she texted that she was 10 minutes delayed due to traffic, which is perfectly fine.

Being the first time working together, breaking the ice is important, a model should feel comfortable around you and you as a photographer should make her feel she is safe and at home.
We had two hours of productive work, tons of pictures, digital, and film, can’t wait to get home to process this stash all Sunday.

She had some amazing ideas which could work on a studio and I will be looking forward our next photo shoot, there were so many concepts that we wanted to explore, for the first time we managed to accomplish half of the plan which to me is a great achievement.

Adlee comes from South Dakota, she is not bothered by cold, I had the air conditioner at 68 and she didn’t even notice it, she is new to the area and has not met many photographers yet, I will make my best to introduce her to the group of people I know, and help her work with such a great group of people in the Shenandoah Valley and Richmond area.

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