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Mandi Ree

Mandi Ree is a young traveling model based in Baltimore, Maryland
Very experienced and with a stunning look.
Blonde hair, blue eyes, she is 20, 5’3″ and 110 lbs.
Very fit and shoots a variety of genres starting with Acting, Fashion, Boudoir, Fitness, Glamour, etc.
We got in contact via Instagram, I don’t use Instagram that much but that’s what she uses to contact photographers and to let photographers know when she is traveling to specific locations.
I always make it clear to any model that she is good to bring an escort as long as they are out of my way.
She came with a friend, he was totally silent and out of my way the entire photoshoot, I don’t blame her, in traveling model business, personal security is first.

We shot for 2 hours, I captured some 800 pictures in 5 different outfits and a variety of posing that you can see in this small article.

She is definitely a seasoned model, she knows her beauty and exploits it in front of the camera in a very artistic manner.
It was a pleasure working with her and I would recommend her to any of my friends in photography, you can find her on Instagram at @mandi.ree.
I am sure you can negotiate a great price for your project with her.

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