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Jackie Mae Mullins

Model: Jackie Mae Mullins, Virginia.

I needed a second shoot to get all the details I wanted from this great model, when I first saw her  it was easy to realize how beautiful she is, Jackie is a soft person, full of joy and beauty, she is kinda shy but when you get to talk to her and work out the environment she will deliver everything she has under the hood of that beautiful smile, and is up to you if you have enough horse power in that camera to get that burst.

Let her evolve and she will give you a fun experience shooting, she loves to be in front of the ca

Model: Jackie Mae Mullims

mera and you won’t have enough film or bytes in your Flash Card to capture everything she has to give.

I shot with her at RatDog Studio in Richmond, it was my first time there and I can’t tell you how great it was to work with Jackie.
She has to great events coming forward and at 23 years old she is aiming to be a top-model very soon.


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