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Dakota Snow

Dakota Snow
Traveling Model, DC USA

This summer has been really good, I had the opportunity to work with several great models and Dakota is one of them.
Dakota Snow is a very well known model in the Industry, specially in the DC area, she is not only beautiful but very seasoned and very easy to work with.
I am the kind of portrait photographer that likes SOOC, at the end this art is about the capture and not the retouching so working with Dakota was easy and produced a bunch of great pictures.

Glamour Session with Dakota Snow

I was coming from an early photoshoot in Goochland, VA near Richmond, it was a Saturday morning and the temperature was near 90F by then, as I stopped to get some drinks and gas I got a text message saying that she was going to be a little bit delayed due to traffic, it was great because I was delayed myself, I never thought Goochland was that far from the city, to be precise half and hour to 45 minutes.
I arrived and she was already there, greeted each other, met the management at the Ratdog Studio and got directly to work.

Dakota Snow
Richmond, VA

I like the studio and there are improvements that can be done, the walls were light and in a confined space is difficult to manage the light fallout so i shot with very low flash power and an ND filter for depth of field, the studio also had a good area for natural light portraits, big windows that made it easy to work those shots.

Most professional models, specially the ones with a lot of experience come from theater and have acting under their belts, the position of their hands, the contour of their bodies and the beautiful and graceful posing when sitting or laying in the bed makes it perfect for the capture.
Female beauty is everywhere and I adore to have the opportunity to capture it.

The greatest challenge when you work with an experienced models is to get shots that she may like. Hopefully I will have some that she likes and keep my door open to work with her again in the future.

If you want to Book artistic work with Dakota Snow you can contact her on  Facebook.

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