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Bree Williams

From Evansville, Indiana this beautiful 23 years old girl left me speechless.
She was born in Wadesville, IN Sep 1994 and you can tell she has a fantastic figure, beautiful face features and incredibly humble personality tied to a good working discipline and astonishing self control for posing made my day shooting.

It was so easy to work with her and get the best of her posing.
Bree is on her path to a brilliant career in modeling, she has the natural features to get there and I can say she also has the discipline to get there.
She is constantly traveling up and down the east corridor

and I am looking forward to work again with her some Boudoir and glamour work.

I envision to work a set of black and whites with this precious model as well as 35 mm film.

If you are a serious photographer and want to hire Bree her modeling here is the link to her modeling page on Facebook.

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