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Mikki Marvel

Mikki Marvel is a 26 year old professional traveling model who is energetic, positive, and fun. She loves her job more than anything.

From her Model Mayhem page we get:

I live for that moment when the model and photographer click and collaborate to create something refreshing. This is my art. This is my life. I live for the ability to convey your mood and idea. Be clear about what you trying to be able to communicate, and I will go above and beyond to make it happen.

She loves working with the hobbyist and the professional alike assuming they are respectful, safe, and just generally good people.

She is all over the media but one of the things that touched me the most was a posting she had in Tumbler where she lost her Fathers’s economic support due to modeling.

I understand her father but the more important part is that I understand her now, I am 47 and have a 22 years old daughter, she was not raised by me but by her mom and we share the same character so we rub heads from time to time when comes to things she likes and I disapprove.

Mikki showed me I am wrong, when your daughter get to an age where she can handle herself you help with the education for her to move forward but not to have her controlled and you never threaten with taking your support if this or that, that’s not the kind of father I would like to be, she wrote her experience in such a way that it was cristal clear to me what path to take.

Amazing model, we clicker really fast, Mikki is a paid traveling model, don’t expect to shoot with her for free but is worth every minute.
Energetic, full of ideas and flows really well with her posing, very experienced and it will be a pleasure to work with her in the future.

If you want to work with Mikki, here is her Model Mayhen page

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