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Jackie Mae Mullins

Jackie Mae Mullins

Jackie Mae

She is 24 tall and beautiful, very expressive face with amazing green eyes. I first met Jackie at 3MI Studio in Martinsburg, WV, during a workshop prepared by Jim Michaels, she was my third assigned model out of 4 and it was really easy to work with.
We started a Glamour session and then went to the strobes with backdrops, beautiful attires and amazing ideas from this young lady which I define as Classy.



By definition Classy means stylish and sophisticated, when comes to Glamour Photography is all about the eye of the photographers and his ability to exploit the right angles, light and depth of field, of course this is a common advice and is easier said than done, the key to this is on defining the style of Photography.

Styles of Photography

You’ll find glamour images and the concept of Glamour very hard to define and has nothing to do with pornography. To me it refers to a style of photography that uses the model’s expression and pose combined with a very soft style of lighting, it doesn’t have absolutely nothing to do with viewers fantasy or presenting a model as sexually available, Glamour photography is about art and the female body in a dressed form producing an appealing sensation to the viewers brain.


Adding a touch of glamour to your photography only requires a will to learn, a passion to please your subject with gorgeous images, and an understanding that glamour photography is about the subject rather than the photographer.

Great glamour photographers understand that poor glamour photography can have a negative effect not only on their own reputation as a photographer, but also on the self esteem of their subject.

It is highly recommended that you practice glamour photography with friends or with subjects who understand you are trying to improve your craft before you attempt to make a living shooting glamour.

It’s very important that you never blame a subject for a poor images. Suck it up and fall on your sword, remember that as a glamour photographer, you are in total control of your camera, equipment, lighting, location and the shoot so you are the only one to blame.

The popularity of glamour photography is more evident than ever and you should be the one capturing and perpetuating that unique moment for your subject.




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