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Barn Wedding – Nashville Tennessee


Ashley Barker – It was funny how I met this young lady, I used to work for Franklin American Mortgages so my coolest spot was at Loser’s Cool springs, now it has changed name but back in the days it used to be a bar with a live music set.
One Thursday night my friend Brandon Holder was about to sing and this beautiful blonde wearing boots and jeans was sitting right in front of him taking the best view of the performers, I took some pictures of her and the band, later I met her again at St Patrics at the same location and we spoke about doing some photoshoots, finally Brandon introduces her as his fiance and I was wondering when are we going to have a wedding.

Traveling to Nashville – And the day came, April 23rd, 2016.
It was going to be a long trip so I invited a good friend of mine, Andy Tomes, to help me shooting this wedding, the location?26291545134_a7359c9756_z
One of the most beautiful venues for country weddings in the US, Bottom view Lake in the small and beautiful city of Portland, TN.
Ashley call me several month before the wedding and ask me to be the photographer, It was a real honor and I enjoyed shooting her wedding, they are not only good friends but fantastic people, I am so happy about their decision to make a family.

The first day in Nashville – We arrived Thursday around 2AM, got a Hotel and slept the night, we had more stuff to do next morning like go around Nashville and snap some pictures, which we did but I will not cover that in this article.
Around 7PM we moved to the Hotel they got for us, beautiful Hotel near the airport, I was in bed around 9PM to have a good rest for the wedding next morning.
We woke up around 9, didn’t take breakfast and found that Portland was almost one hour away, so we prepared and left the hotel with empty bellies.
On our way to the venue:26747859642_2d7f95a5f1_z


As we get near the location there is this beautiful country store that smells like heaven, defining heaven: Bacon, grilled cheese, Ham, and Sausage so we had a good Brunch.
The location was easy to find, we were first around noon and people started arriving around 1:30.
The first shots were the Groom and his team team while the bride was preparing with her team in a room by the lake which is a couple hundred feet from the wedding barn,  it was fun to take pictures of these boys, everybody ready and happy for the day.

Finishing with the groom walk to the lake and found the bride team having a lot of fun, doing girl things like dancing their favorite songs while makeup and last touch to clothing are in progr26291531714_0f4bebaed9_zess, all the girls were on boots and they look really pretty, I snapped a color picture to show the color of her dresses.

The Groom – Brandon Holder is a very well known country singer and performer in Nashville TN, a very simple man he told me one day, I am the kind of guy that wears a $5 buck hat and a $15 pair of glasses, there are other things that he value more in life and obviously these set of values conquered Ashley’s heart, I can define Brandon as a good man and a bright musician with a fantastic future ahead in life, now here I was, taking pictures of the celebrations for that partnership.

The Bride26841423615_c6a7c1af47_zAshley Barker, young girl with powerful convictions, coming from the heart of Kentucky, Ashley has a strong character but at the same time is one of the sweetest girls I’ve ever met, she knows what she wants and she made a great decision picking this good man.

Preparations – Days of work, planning, dress, makeup, location, set-up details, and looking good on top of that is just a big accomplishment.
26624033070_258078af44_z I am sure Ashley had plenty of help but she was involved in every details of her wedding, it was awesome to see this working bee handling all the details of her big moment.

Finally the moment – You could see it in her smile, entering by the hand of his dad, getting delivered at the altar, this precious lady was today becoming a wife, I was trying to see Brandon’s reaction, he was almost in tears to see how beautiful she was, I took some black and whites of her approaching the altar, it was an awesome d26774122411_fc5cc3058f_zisplay of happiness.

The Party – Everybody danced, Brandon sang a couple of songs, and there was a lot of emotions at the party, a lot of fun. This happy couple went table to table to express their appreciation for coming to the party, food and drinks for everybody.26863164636_a0772e64a9_z

The Newly Wed – A wedding reflects the most important and precious part of everyone’s life. Most of the time we bumble while giving out wedding wishes due to lack of words. If it is true for you, then no need to worry! Here are some of the most romantic and fascinating wishes, which are not only unique but also make good sense.
Marriage is a promise to care and share. It is a bond that will, hopefully, hold you together forever. Congratulations !

Bottom View Lake – Very beautiful venue.
The preparation was awesome, lights, set-up, position of the tables, food, drinks all fantastic.
Here is the link to the location in case you want to use it for your wedding.

Congratulations Mr. Brandon and Mrs. Ashley Holder.

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