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Arisyn Liddell

Arisyn Lidell

This is how she introduces herself in model mayhem,

I love expressing myself through many forms of art, but modeling is definitely one of my favorite. I’ve been a registered nurse for 6 years, looking to exit that field and work full-time doing modeling. I’m flexible and open to new ideas! Pretty busy lately, but excited to finally have joined MM, and working on getting more of my pics uploaded. In the mean time you can check out some more of my work on IG @arisynliddell

Arisyn is very beautiful, she has those piercing green eyes and a fantastic figure, I appreciate the fact that she jumped into this request in a short notice helped me a lot to accomplish the purpose of my visit, I was planning a photo shoot in Martinsburg WV and had open time at 3MI Studio.
I contacted her on Model Mayhem we agreed in rates and location for that Saturday.

Saturday morning, she arrived on-time and we started working right away.

Was the first course of action, she showed some ideas and went to change, 3MI Studio is amazing has his own changing area for models and several different areas to shoot, the boudoir room is not that big but big enough to move around and shoot from the door if you need more zoom distance, Josh has two circular lights at the boudoir room which is good enough if you are used to low light conditions, but I don’t like to shoot with high ISO so I deployed one of the Strobes aiming it at the ceiling, the ceiling is not that high and looks like a white honeycomb helping diffuse light very well.
She had some attires with a corset that wanted to try for her portfolio which I agreed to shoot, It’s all about comfort zone and making beautiful images.
We did some shots with this flannel shirt that came out very neat and glamorous, at the end capturing that moment and female beauty in a portrait keeping that classy touch is the most important part of this artistic representation of photography.

Finally we added some shots in the bed and called the day.

Needless to say that I am impressed with Miss Lidell and will definitely work with her more in the near future.
If you want to contact Arisyn you can find her on her Model Mayhem page

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