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Tabatha Deuel

Tabatha Deuel

We worked again a couple weekends ago, it was an iffy afternoon, weather was undecided to rain or not but temperature was around the 70s what better for a January afternoon in Staunton VA.

Tabatha Deuel- XPRO-1

Sun was coming in and out in between clouds, I’ve shot before at this location but the light was really unpredictable, I had all my equipment with me but with potential rain I was not going to take out the Alien Bees and the inverter so I went for speedlites, batteries were dead on the commander and ¬†for some reason cold weather killed the new ones that I had on the units so we shot with ambient light, it was a real challenge because I didn’t even had my reflector, we managed to finish the shots under the bridge which was the darkest area with some missaps from the flashes but at least we could get some good shots,
Used my Tamron 70-200mm with a Neutral Density filter and a Rokinon 85mm Prime.
On the Fujifilm Xpro-1 used a Zeiss Touit 32mm which is state of the art for low light and sharp shots.

Full Body Shot, Canon 5DMII and Tamron 70-200mm

I wanted to dedicate this photoshoot to Black and White and it worked good for me, had some full body shots displaying Tabatha’s amazing figure but as a portrait photographer I fo always for the facial features rather than the body.
Finally the sky cleared and could get out the big guns out of the car, put my Alienbees and shot some

Rokinon 85mm

beautiful portraits of this young lady, she just changed her hair color to blonde and we will be shooting soon with her new amazing look.
Feel free to ask me any question, I love sharing my passion for photography.
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