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Misty Fitzgerald

Misty Fitzgerald
Professional Model

She is one of the first models I had the opportunity to work in the area around 2010.
Misty is a sweetheart and now that she is in Richmond is a little bit more difficult to work but she manages to come to the country side to shoot with me, it was a blast.
We wanted to have something new for her portfolio, she wanted to lift that self steam and we both agree that Boudoir was the best way to do it.
You enjoy the professionalism of a model through time, is a relationship that you build like any other friendship where you can openly discuss what are your goals and what you want to achieve, good models feel free to criticize or say directly what they don’t like and that makes it really easy to work once you iron the process to comply with the requirements.
At the end is the image of the model the one that you will display and she better like it if you want to shoot with her again right?
None of our shots display nudity, despite your imagination and the treak


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