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Aja Linton Studio Portrait

Aja Linton
Studio Portrait

Glamour, often defined as an exciting and often illusory and romantic attractiveness, has a good place in photography.
Heavy exploitation of “fashion” and “sexy” as the most usual themes in media has allowed a broader acceptance of naturally glamour photography.
Glamour photos studios are opening with photographers working together with professional makeup artists in order to provide a kind of “fashion model” experience to the clients.

The outcome is fantastic, many ladies enjoy the whole experience, dressing- up, going for new ideas and trying different accessories, bringing up some acting talent to create different moods, glamour is the perfect match for all that, it all depends on the ability of the photographer to manage light and to define the angles that benefit the most, Glamour is not about showing nudity but about showing the beauty of a woman in a very subtle manner.

Black and white photography allows you to focus more in the  mood than details but color photography allows you to pop those beautiful 31415345202_eec56c988a_zfeatures like in this case, Aja Lintons beautiful green eyes. Whatever you decide to us make sure you pay a lot of detail to your composition, the depth of field of your shot, your background and specially your light.

I am not writing a blog to share my technique but to share ideas, if you want some advice write me a note, I will be more than happy to help with anything you have in hands.31562070895_964f0e5726_z

[b-quote]Some photographers define glamour photography as a style, I agree, you can find glamour even on a street shot, not necessarily a bed or a bedroom.[/b-quote]

Some photographers think that Glamour photography is only for special body shapes, sizes and edges, well let me tell you, that’s a very narrow understanding of the style, glamour is by definition anything that brings that romantic attractiveness

Before defining boudoir, I think that defining glamour photography and identifying it as a style is important. When you look at it, glamour is about appearing in sexy and alluring photographs.

Some photographers say:  It is a photo shoot that show your body as your main beauty. If you are not toned, or curvy enough, a glamour photography session won’t be an easy thing to do.

30752822573_d4242d86c1_zWell here is where I disagree, some photographers don’t have the ability to capture that angle and detach themselves from the body and focus on the face.

Glamour photographer is cheaper in comparison with boudoir, and the reasons are due to the preparation and people involved in the Boudoir photoshoot.
By definition BOUDOIR is a woman’s private sitting room or salon in a furnished accommodation usually between the dining room and the bedroom, but can also refer to a woman’s private bedroom, finding a location or preparing a studio that looks like this is always a challenging and expensive thing, bed, linen, Boudoir photographers claim that is all about the model but is not, is all about the composition.
I don’t have a problem with one or the other I personally think that a good Glamour Photographer will do an exccellent Boudoir work and personally don’t think that you have to be a model in order to ble glamorous, it’s all about the individual portraiting you managing to take that beautiful shot.

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