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Caite Kanosh


Caite Kanosh Swannanoa Casttle

Caite Kanosh
Swannanoa Casttle

Caite Kanosh That rainy Friday

Caite Kanosh
That rainy Friday

It was one of those rainy summer afternoons, I just arrived at my preferred Bar and was sitting with my camera when a group of biker arrived, with them, this beautiful girl in a body tight dress and a spectacular figure, she introduced herself as Caite.
Her Asian features are not usual in the valley and it really caught the attention of my photographic eye, to the point that I asked if I could take some pictures of her.
I was running with my T1i and a 50mm Takumar lens, all manual, she was a little bit shy to pose for my camera but finally did it.
Since then we had several photo shoots and she is modeling for several local photographers, she is just amazing and really easy to work with.
Her ability to pose is top-notch and she has a complete portfolio which includes Boudoir and Glamour shots.

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