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Beutiful Angel

13415632_1075135835890150_2832969318333245554_oI know, I have neglected my Blog for quite a while but let me explain to you what happens:, the true is that with this new Job and two Major Business Objective deadlines, I had no time for other than my daytime job.

The true is that my new Job released two Major Business Objective deadlines for my position, one May 15th, and the Second June 15th and I just finished both of them.
I really had no time for other than those MBO’s especially because that means extra Money for the family, I know, it’s just an excuse however it felt like you guys deserve an explanation.

Coming back from work yesterday, there was this huge storm I was not aware of, anyways, I got to my preferred Bar to get a drink, I was sipping on my beer when I noted my friends turned towards the door at the same time, This beautiful figure emerges, she is wearing a blue dress with cowboy boots.

13417657_1075082785895455_1811068381181688114_nShe approached the bar and ordered a shot and a Bud Light, took that shot and went outside to enjoy her beer. By then the storm is almost on top of us, it looked like nature was about to throw big punches through those clouds, I wanted to take some shots of the storm and the sun poking through the clouds, she was already talking to a group of friends and I joined the conversation, Got her name, “Angel” she definitely looks like one, she happens to be the mother of 4 beautiful kids and still remains a very beautiful lady.

I am a married man, and I love my wife,  when I compliment a lady I am not seeking a relationship, I am just a friend.

By working in photography I am exposed to really beautiful people and I just see beauty in the form of a portrait so decided to take a minute to define it.

Some definitions say beauty is a combination of qualities such as shape, color or form that pleases the aesthetic senses, especially the sight.

I like this definition and based on my personal opinion, I think she is Beautiful.

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