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“Prawl N Brawl” with Left Hook Entertainment Inc.

Craig Yerkey CEO: Left Hook Enterteinment Inc.

Craig Yerkey
CEO: Left Hook Enterteinment Inc.

Richmond, Virginia:
Friday I was programming my events for the weekend when  I received a call from my friend Marisa Stockman, we have been shooting lately several different things for her portfolio and her call was nothing I didn’t expect, she call me asking for help with a photoshoot in Richmond for an MMA group “Prawl N Rawl”, The photoshoot was promotional so the trade is mostly advertising, I didn’t have any other commitments so I contacted my friend and photographer Keith Lock who has a beautiful studio at Planet Zero in Richmond, his studio was available so we sealed the deal, Saturday I finished with kids Soccer and an early photoshoot around 1PM and knowing there is a 1:30 minutes to Richmond started heading East.

Model: Marisa Stockman Norfolk, VA

Model: Marisa Stockman
Norfolk, VA

Bad luck for me, it started snowing and snow started accumulating, by the moment I reached the peak of the mountain on 64 East there was dense fog and that delayed me a lot.
To make the story short, I arrived to Richmond around 3:15, the models were already there and ready, thanks again to Keith who allowed them to get into the studo,  so we started a little bit late. I had to release the  Studio by 5:00PM  so we had to get things done against the clock.

Model Bridget Rose Ivor, VA

Model Bridget Rose
Ivor, VA

At the Studio was my beautiful friend Marisa Stockman, and two fantastic young ladies, Brooke Loren and Bridget Rose, together with them their manager for the venue “Left Hook Entertainment Inc.” Mr. Craig Yerkey.
We started with individual shots, then black background portraits and finally group shots.
I know Marisa features and angles but these two new ladies were new to me, however, they were very experienced and followed direction easily, we got the job done by 4:45 which was great.

Finished, packed my stuff and thank you very much to Keith Lock for allowing me to use his studio, I will definitely recommend it to any serious photographer wanting to rent it.

Model: Brooke Loren Chesapeake, VA

Model: Brooke Loren
Chesapeake, VA

It was still raining on my way back got home around 6:30 to start extracting the files with an old CF USB 2.0 once my 3.0 got somehow broken, took forever but the pictures SOOC were in very good condition, I usually upload them same day for customer review, they liked them so much that they started using the SOOC pictures straight out of dropbox, however there are two targets on pictures, Printed media and Web where sites like Facebook compress and turn any beautiful picture into something of less quality.

I am sure we will work again with this magnificent group of people and I am ready to ramble.

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