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Marisa Sanford

Marisa Sanford Model: Norfolk, VA

Marisa Sanford
Model: Norfolk, VA

Marisa drove from Norfolk down to Staunton VA for a Valentine’s phtoshoot, we had some preparation, I knew the theme and what she wanted so we started from there.
The session was fun, colorful and we tried different lightning, she is amazing with the posing and knows really well her best sides and facial expressions.
Marisa is top notch on her fitness, fantastic figure and always brings a perfect makeup for the occasion, if you are a local photographer in the Norfolk area don’t miss the opportunity to work with her.

Marisa Sanford Model: Norfolk VA

Marisa Sanford
Model: Norfolk VA

Usually the preparation process involves the exchange of graphic ideas on what the model wants to accomplish, the rest is a combination of guiding the model to take the best angle and making sure your light and settings will take care of the depth of field and background presented with the image.

Marisa is very active in Instagram and you can find her also on Facebook.

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