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Black and white photography

Karla Aramayo Model: Harrisonburg

Karla Aramayo
Model: Harrisonburg

Worked this past weekend with Karka Aramayo, she is a JMU student in Harrisonburg and doing some modeling work on the side, she comes from Northern Virginia and is a very beautiful and professional model in the area.
We did some 35mm film work and I remembered reading a while ago while reading Fstoppers there was this article written by John Schell, called A Guide to black and white portraits.
The basic guidelines are, “If you want to shoot emotion, shoot black and white”, there is no quote to who said that but I agree with the comment.
There is something really special about black and white portraits, it displays the inner beauty hidden by color photography.

Karla Aramayo Model: Harrisonburg, VA

Karla Aramayo
Model: Harrisonburg, VA

Most of the times the black and white portrait will bring an effect in the viewer that the color photograph can’t reach.

Not every picture is a good candidate for black and white and of course lightning for black and white has to be defined more around shadows that will sculp the shades of gray on the figure of the model.

When Black and white is done properly is more a work of art than a simple photograph.

Eyes and location are the most important elements to do a good job with black and white, the eyes will tell a story and you as a photographer will allow them to do so.
The location should brightly lit the subject’s face and the light falloff should be abrupt behind the ears.

Karla Aramayo Model: Harrisonburg, VA

Karla Aramayo
Model: Harrisonburg, VA

You have to try what works for you on the camera settings, I will start posting more guides on how I do this work and what kind of settings I selected for my shots.
I will seek working some interesting ideas with Karla, hopefully she will have enough time to shoot before the end of the month to have enough material for the portfolio.

I have been using a new platform to expose my work to public and it’s called [YOUPIC] works great very friendly, maybe friendlier than 500px, I would highly recommend it.

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