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Victoria Dean

Model: Victoria Dean Charlottesville, VA

Model: Victoria Dean
Charlottesville, VA


Model: Victoria Dean Charlottesville, VA

Victoria has an impressive look, her hair looks amazing, Saturday afternoon was 45F but we had this breeze that made it complicated to shoot without a jacket or some sort of cover, anyhow Victoria managed to pull her fantastic smile and we worked the entire morning-afternoon ignoring the chilling breeze.

The outcome was several bench shots, closeups, catwalk and video and 35mm Film.
I’ve been shooting 30% film 70% DSLR the past 3 years, I learned photography with 35mm and it makes a big difference when you apply that to DSLR, you have to pay a lot of attention to details and think fast for focus and settings, once you shoot that frame is gone, nothing you can do to fix it including Photoshop.

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