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High Fashion Modeling

Kimberly Morris Model: Staunton, VA

Kimberly Morris
Model: Staunton, VA

In the world of fashion and modeling, models can fall into two categories: commercial and editorial. In a rare case, some models can straddle both categories, Listed below are the distinctions between commercial and editorial modeling.

Editorial modeling involves high fashion. In terms of print, magazines and brand campaigns would represent editorial modeling. The audience typically consists of editors, stylists, art directors, buyers, fashion directors, and fashion show producers. The mediums for modeling fall under catwalk, fashion week, television commercials, music videos, reality shows, and the internet. The look for editorial modeling is highly specific. It encapsulates a strong, edgy, unique, eccentric, atypical, and young persona. Models are usually thin. The age for women starts as young as 13 and goes up to 22, while the age for men begins at 16 and goes into the 20s. The earnings for this category are not high, but the prestige is high.

Rachel Leathers

Rachel Leathers

Commercial modeling is more concerned with real people. In terms of print, product and lifestyle fall into this category. The audience consists of mass consumers who read, for example, travel magazines. The mediums used for this kind of modeling are showroom, promotional, retail, informal, mall shows, non-profit fashion shows, television commercials, corporate videos, music videos, reality shows, and the internet. The look encompasses a soft, classically pretty/handsome, fresh, wholesome, and older persona. Women start at age 18 and can go into their 30s, while men begin at 18 and can go as late as their 50s. The earnings for this category are high compared to editorial modeling, but the prestige is low.

Do you have an edgy look or a more classic look? Or could you cross over into both forms of modeling?

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