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Alexis Demers


Alexis Demers
Model: Richmond, VA

This was a different photoshoot, it was early morning, my friend Alexis working a night shift still managed to get ready and be on time for our photoshoot early morning, we had a fantastic time shooting in Richmond, she took me to James River, to tell you the truth I don’t workout too much and those 4 floors down to the river took me hard, I was wasted coming back up, my trigger didn’t work, I could not use the battery pack and the ring flash I took with me, my only source of light was a single speedlite but I made it, I got the shots, wish I had all my equipment but mobility is always a big problem.
To cut it short, working with my friend Alexis and her beauty there is no challenge, at the end there is this old saying among photographers, You can’t take a bad picture from a beautiful woman.

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