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Modeling Photography and TFP

Photographer: Adrienne Eichner Model: Rachel Leathers Behind the scenes

Photographer: Adrienne Eichner
Model: Rachel Leathers

TFP also know as Time For Prints is a business negotiation where both parties, the model and the photographer engage in a exchange of work where neither of them creates economical gain but they trade work, Model puts her time and beauty, photographer provides his time expertise and work.


Photographer: Adrienne Eichner Model: Rachel Leathers Makeup: Belva Talley

The reason i decided to write this article is because I was listening to the position of some professional photographers in regards to the disadvantages of using time-for (TFP) sessions to build a portfolio when you don’t have any modeling experience.

This is what was said: To begin with, consider why a given photographer would be willing to work with an inexperienced model who has no connections and really has nothing to offer the photographer other than the opportunity to test his or her camera. Chances are, the photographer doesn’t have much experience either, and if he or she doesn’t know anything about providing direction, suggesting wardrobe, or posing a model, what knowledge will the prospective model gain from such a session? None, of course.

I disagree with this view, but the true is that you as a model have to do some homework and check the quality and scope of work of the photographer, talk to other models or read the reviews about the experience they had with his work, chances are that you meet a great photographer that has the time and willing to help his community to move forward and discover new talents, of course the ones that will cry about this are photographers expecting the girls to pay for their photoshoots, I can speak about myself only and I consider my approach to photography as artistic, as such I decide when I do something for profit or invest in a potential talent that could bring me great reviews and exposure at the end this market is about media and content.

Photographer: Adrienne Eichner
Model: Kate Lee

A photographer should know posing very well and also how to give directions, a good photographer will be able to work with natural light or artificial light to achieve the results planned but before anything a great photographer will always have a plan of action for the phtoshoot, this helps him with time management and visualize the expected results out of a TFP photoshoot.

I hire experienced models from time to time for specific shots requested by contractors, when I pay for a session I am kind enough to send some pictures to the model, should she expect any? Nope she should not, her job is paid but the relationship between models and photographers is at best when there is good communication and clear rules of what each side is expecting specially how the pictures will be used.

When I shoot TFP the only use I have for the pictures is for my blog or my Facebook fan page, I write a short article about the model, where she can be contacted and how great was the experience of working with her, I also make all the pictures available to her and give the model free range to use them in social media or whatever she wants to do with them as long as she tags me on the process and provides the recognition or credits for my time and the job done.

At the end in a visual art the images speak for themselves and every photographer has his business plan and how he wants to implement it, I do TFP and enjoy working with new talents, its a learning curve and soon or late the boost on your ego will help you decide weather you like modeling or if it was just a great experience.


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