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Kimberly Morris

Kimberly Morris Staunton, VA

Kimberly Morris
Staunton, VA

This is our third photoshoot with Kimberly, this time we didn’t have rain but we had a cold breeze that allowed her to pose with some winter clothing.

As usually the challenges are finding a place where to change and the ladies at Lewis Creek Market allowed us to use their restroom for the changes, by the way if you are in Staunton and want some good wine and the most amazing sandwiches, you have to visit them.
Needless to say it “Kimberly is precious” her slim gracious figure allow her to model any kind of clothing and to me that’s the ideal size that feet any fashion clothing, she doesn’t have visible tattoos which is a plus modeling and her posing is very creative.

We combined this time leggings and short dresses as well as scarfs and high heals, I enjoyed the production and working with her is always a pleasure.
Definitely Autumn brings a lot of great conditions for pictures, some of them are clear sky, comfortable temperature outdoors.


Kimberly Morris Staunton, VA

Yes there is less light but is golden and filling. There is a technical reason for that and I know and understand it, I like a warmer image and to achieve that without warming filters I’d rather shoot morning and late afternoon when the sun is in the right position.
During fall the light reflecting off the trees make even the shady patches come alive.
The advantage of this is Skin tones, this light complements your skin tones and that’s what makes it beautiful and specially allows the portrait to pop.

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