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High School Senior Portraits

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Anna Maxwell Richmond, VA

High School Senior Portraits are getting more elaborated.
A new approach to Senior Portraits.

I was thinking that more and more a growing number of 12th-graders who are thinking well outside the frame for their senior shots. The Instagram generation, devoted to “selfies” and bombarded with digital imagery, is increasingly forgoing the time-honored cap-and-gown pose in front of the blue-mottled screen for portrayals more elaborate, personal and, of course, expensive.
By the end of our two-hour photo shoot ($150) you will have some 500 pictures to use with different posing and seating on a mix of indoor and outdoor, you can bring your outfit of your own design and pop dramatically off the Yearbook page.

“I love it. This is so much more individual than the school picture,” said one customers, who figured that about half her classmates were opting for customized portraits this year.


Anna Maxwell Richmond, VA

Portrait photographers in the region have noticed the uptick in families paying hundreds and sometimes thousands of dollars for senior pictures. Some photographers are devoting their whole business to seniors eager to be photographed with their dogs, their cellos, their pickups and their motorcycles.

For most seniors, the glam shots will never make it into the yearbook. Many schools still demand uniformity on those pages, with the academic drape around female shoulders and the faux tux front for the guys. Often, the school’s contract with a photo company grants exclusive rights to shoot the yearbook pictures.

But that hasn’t stopped the growing demand for a second sitting.

“Teens today don’t want to settle for being uniform, like when we had our senior photos taken,” said Vickie Black, editor of Senior Style Guide, a trade magazine and Web site tracking the trend as it has spread from the Midwest and South. “They want their own look.”

Yes, Aoife Leogue donned the drape and sat, briefly, for her mandatory school shot at James Madison High School in Fairfax County. And she got to choose one of the four poses — all in the same folding chair, all before the same background — for the yearbook at no charge. But when it came time to buy the optional prints from the national school-photo vendor, her family decided it was worth it to spring for a private portrait.

Anna Maxwell Richmond, VA

Anna Maxwell
Richmond, VA

They found a Vienna studio, that spent two hours with Leogue in indoor and outdoor settings and produced more than 500 images for them to choose from. She and her parents haven’t picked their final prints yet, which will add several hundred dollars to the $400 cost of the shoot, depending on how many and what sizes they order. But they plan to frame one, send a bunch to family (many in Ireland) and exchange copies with other seniors at the end of the year.

“Even though it’s more expensive, it’s worth it,” Leogue said. “I look more like me.”

The difference with us is that your photoshoot doesn’t cost $400, those two hours cost you $150 and you have all your pictures in digital format for social media use, those that you want to print at large scale Will cost you just $50 per picture not per print, we release them at maximum quality and size for you to print as many times as you want.

Original Article from the Washington Post.

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