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Behind the scene

22665094146_7ff8f6ef53_zWorking at a photo shoot is not easy as many believe, today when anyone with a digital camera calls himself a professional photographer is easy to overlook the real work behind the scene, sooner than later you learn the amount of work and preparation that requires a professional photo shoot and here’s my comment:
The hard work is not only by the model, we must also take into account the location, costumes and preparation of equipment to achieve the desired results.

22069812363_559e9dfc28_zHow do I get my results?


I personally like to use Pinterest, I drive a board for each event, exchange ideas with the model and define this in my head long before the meeting, the day of the session are not inventing, we have an action plan and a time window for I do, always on time and not fail the aforementioned events is what one earns a good reputation as a photographer.
Use appropriate lightning to achieve great results with the minimum post processing work is what allows me to give my photos on the same day via Dropbox.

Makeup Artist:

Many people are skilled in the preparation of his face, many others have no idea how to do it and that is where it is important to have the help of a makeup artist.
I work with a couple of ladies who are excellent, always ask the model to come with clean hair and face to work from scratch creating colors to match the outfit, according to the outfit will have to be changed often and tonality colors shadow or lipstick color.

Final results:
22702379951_c622da0735_zSelecting the location is part of the art, defining the depth of field to make a shot with the right composition and less distraction is part of using the right photography rules and the right light for your exposure.
There is a reason why they call photography, “The art of painting with light”.

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